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Chien Hsiang Lin


    Chien Hsiang Lin

    2022 松風閣畫廊獨家專簽藝術家

    2022 Song Fong Gallery Exclusive Signing Artist


    Most of the ceramic artist Chien Hsiang Lin's works are surrealistic, with rich and diverse themes, deeply inspiring and creative.
    In the process of human growth, it is always inevitable to experience a variety of mixed emotions. Ceramic artist Chien Hsiang Lin carved materials from her experience, and vividly displays the human issues in our lives such as greed, anxiety, hardship, fear, etc. in her works.
    She used the clay rod construction method that requires skill and patience, which is of great historical value and irreplaceable.
    In her works, we can intuitively see the world in her eyes and her depiction of the real society. In addition to the treacherous and realistic style, she also has works in a fresh and healing style. No matter what the subject matter is, the exquisite and delicate carving remains the same. Therefore, her works are full of charm and attractiveness, and the on-site appreciation is even more shocking.

    學 歷
    2020 國立台南藝術大學應用藝術研究所畢業
    2018 美國加州州立大學長灘分校駐村

    Academic Qualifications
    2020 Graduated from the Institute of Applied Arts, National Tainan University of the Arts
    2018 California State University Long Beach Residency

    獎 項
    2020 《參差的平行》台南新藝獎得主
    2020 《持溫》台灣陶藝青年獎入選
    2019 《台灣陶藝獎》入選
    2018 《宜蘭獎》入選、《屏東美展》入選
    2018 《大墩美展》優選

    2020 "Uneven Parallel" Winner of Tainan New Arts Award
    2020 "Keep Warm" Taiwan Ceramic Art Youth Award Judges' Award
    2019 "Taiwan Ceramics Award" Judges' Award
    2018 "Yilan Award"Judges' Award, "Pingtung Art Exhibition" Judges' Award
    2018 "Da Dun Art Exhibition" Merit Award

    展 覽
    2023「台中藝術博覽會」,松風閣畫廊展間,林酒店 ,台中,臺灣
    2023「新竹藝術博覽會」,松風閣畫廊展間,豐邑喜來登大飯店 ,新竹,臺灣
    2022 「不器」陶瓷工藝聯展,台南,台灣
    2020 「參差的平行」台南新藝獎,大新美術館,台南,台灣
    2020 「持溫」第四屆台灣陶藝青年獎,國立臺灣工藝研究發展中心,台北,台灣
    2019 「荒誕的肌膚」,畢業創作個展,台南,台灣
    2019 「2019台灣陶藝獎」,鶯歌陶瓷博物館,新北,台灣
    2018 「see+光」 workshop & Exhibition at CCC , Gatov Gallery , LA,美國
    2018 「Contemporary Ceramic Art in Asia」, Hongik Museum , 韓國
    2017 「亞洲當代陶藝展」Aichi Prefectural Ceramic Museum , 日本

    2023 "Art Taichung ", Song Fong Gallery Booth, The Lin, Taichung, Taiwan
    2023 " Art Hsinchu ", Song Fong Gallery Booth,Sheraton Hsinchu Hotel , Hsinchu, Taiwan
    2023 "Art Tainan", Song Fong Gallery Booth,Silks Place Tainan, Tainan, Taiwan
    2023 "Rice Room, Beside the Railway", Song Fong Gallery, Taichung, Taiwan
    2023 "Art Future", Song Fong Gallery Booth,Grand Hyatt Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan
    2022 "Art Taichung ", Song Fong Gallery Booth,The Lin, Taichung, Taiwan
    2022 "Art Hsinchu", Song Fong Gallery Booth,The Ambassador Hotel, Hsinchu, Taiwan
    2022 "Bu Qi" Ceramic Art Exhibition, Tainan, Taiwan
    2020 "Uneven Parallelism" Tainan New Art Award, Daxin Art Museum, Tainan, Taiwan
    2020 "Keep Warming" The 4th Taiwan Ceramic Art Youth Award, National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Center, Taipei, Taiwan
    2019 "Absurd Skin", Graduation Creation Solo Exhibition, Tainan, Taiwan
    2019 "2019 Taiwan Ceramics Award", Yingge Ceramics Museum, New Taipei, Taiwan
    2018 "see+light" workshop & Exhibition at CCC , Gatov Gallery , LA, USA
    2018 "Contemporary Ceramic Art in Asia", Hongik Museum, Korea
    2017 "Asian Contemporary Ceramics Exhibition" Aichi Prefectural Ceramic Museum, Japan
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