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Chou Zih Ting


    Chou Zih Ting


    Artist Chou Zih Ting focuses on the extraction, transformation and reconstruction of existing images, attempts at the abstraction of pictures, explores the operational relationship between his own creation and appropriation techniques, the binding of soil and mother in mythology and words, and the climbing of the Ferris wheel The instinct when looking into the distance is satisfied, mysterious and dark.

    學 歷
    國立臺灣師範大學美術系創作理論組 博士 (在學中)
    國立臺灣師範大學美術系研究所 碩士

    Academic Qualifications
    National Taiwan Normal University, Department of Fine Arts, Creation Theory Group Ph.D. (in progress)
    Graduate School of Fine Arts, National Taiwan Normal University Master

    獎 項
    2023《 中部美展》 入選
    2022《綠水賞》 入選

    2022 "Green Water Award" Judges' Award
    2023 "Central Art Exhibition" Judges' Award

    2020「周姿廷個展」,LIGHT YARD CAFE,台北,台灣

    Solo Exhibition
    2022 "Chou Zih Ting Solo Exhibition", Yifang Cultural Space, Taipei, Taiwan
    2020 "Chou Zih Ting Solo Exhibition", LIGHT YARD CAFE, Taipei, Taiwan
    2019 "Chou Zih Ting Solo Exhibition", Taichung Broadcasting Bureau, Taichung, Taiwan

    2023 「台中藝術博覽會」,松風閣畫廊展間,林酒店 ,台中,台灣
    2023 「台南藝術博覽會」,松風閣畫廊展間,晶英酒店,台南,台灣
    2023 「WHATZ藝術博覽會」,台北,台灣
    2023 「TU YEAR 玉兔迎福 兔年春季展」,宛儒畫廊, 台北,台灣
    2022 「水墨創作組論壇「沉墨高揚」」,臺灣師範大學美術系德群畫廊,台北,台灣
    2022 「藝象萬千日本三地美術館巡迴聯展」,京都市立美術館,京都,日本
    2022 「藝象萬千日本三地美術館巡迴聯展」,大阪市立美術館,大阪,日本
    2022 「月亮代表__?」,松風閣畫廊,台中,台灣
    2022 「遊藝雅趣 紅樓天地」,淡江大學文錙藝術中心,台北,台灣
    2022 「第十一屆綠水賞徵件展聯展」,臺中市大墩文化中心 大墩藝廊(四) ,台中,台灣

    Group Exhibition
    2023 "Art Taichung ", Song Fong Gallery Booth, The Lin, Taichung, Taiwan
    2023 "Art Tainan", Song Fong Gallery Booth,Silks Place Tainan, Tainan, Taiwan
    2023 "WHATZ Art Fair", Taipei, Taiwan
    2023 "TU YEAR Jade Rabbit Welcoming Fortune Spring Exhibition of the Year of the Rabbit", Wanru Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
    2022 "Ink Art Creation Group Forum "Shen Mo Gao Yang"", De-Chun Gallery, Department of Fine Arts, National Taiwan Normal University, Taipei, Taiwan
    2022 "Thousands of Art Images Touring Joint Exhibition of Three Art Museums in Japan", Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art, Kyoto, Japan
    2022 "Thousands of Art Images Touring Joint Exhibition of Three Art Museums in Japan", Osaka Municipal Museum of Art, Osaka, Japan
    2022 "The Moon Represents__?", Song Fong Gallery, Taichung, Taiwan
    2022 "Entertainment and Elegance, The World of Red Mansions", Wenqi Art Center, Tamkang University, Taipei, Taiwan
    2022 "The 11th Green Water Appreciation Exhibition Joint Exhibition", Dadun Cultural Center, Taichung City Dadun Art Gallery (4), Taichung, Taiwan
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