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Chang Kuei Lian


    Chang Kuei Lian


    Artist Chang Kuei Lian often takes flowers as the theme of her paintings, such as orchids exuding fragrance and cherry blossoms in spring. In the spring that nourishes all things, the blue sky and bright red flowers add softness and tranquility to the spring breeze. The pink embellishment under the night light is more romantic on a moonlit night.

    學 歷

    Academic Qualifications
    Graduated from the Department of Fine Arts, Tunghai University

    獎 項
    2022 《中區美展69 屆》 第一名
    2022《苗栗雙年展》 東方媒材類 入選
    2021《中區美展68》 膠彩組 優選
    2021 《東海大學第38屆師生美展》 膠彩類 優選
    2019 《東海大學第36屆師生美展》 膠彩類 第三名

    2022 "The 69th Central District Art Exhibition" Gold Medal
    2022 "Miaoli Biennale" Oriental Media Category,Judges' Award
    2021 "Central District Art Exhibition 68" Eastern Gouache category , Merit Award
    2021 "The 38th Teachers and Students Art Exhibition of Tunghai University" Eastern Gouache category, Merit Award
    2019 "The 36th Teachers and Students Art Exhibition of Tunghai University", Eastern Gouache category,Bronze Medal Award

    2021「 記憶的花香 張桂蓮膠彩畫展」
    2019「尼頌詩藝術-花開了 張桂蓮膠彩畫展」

    Solo Exhibition
    2021 "Flower Fragrance of Memories Chang Gui Lian Eastern Gouache Exhibition"
    2019 "The Art of Nisong Poetry - Blooming Chang Gui Lian's Eastern Gouache Exhibition"

    2023「台中藝術博覽會」,松風閣畫廊展間,林酒店 ,台中,臺灣
    2022「台中藝術博覽會」,松風閣畫廊展間,林酒店 ,台中,臺灣
    2022 「台灣台灣綠水畫會會員會員聯展」
    2022-2023 「東碩畫會會員會員聯展」
    2019 -2023「牛馬頭畫會會員聯展」

    Group Exhibition
    2023 "Art Taichung ", Song Fong Gallery Booth, The Lin, Taichung, Taiwan
    2023 "Art Tainan", Song Fong Gallery Booth,Silks Place Tainan, Tainan, Taiwan
    2022 "Art Taichung ", Song Fong Gallery Booth, The Lin, Taichung, Taiwan
    2022 "Taiwan Green Water Painting Society Members' Group Exhibition"
    2022-2023 "Group Exhibition of Dongshuo Painting Association Members"
    2021-2023 "Taiwan Adhesive Paint Association Members Group Exhibition"
    2019 -2023 "Group Exhibition of Niu Ma Tau Art Association Members"

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